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KATHMANDU: A government website operated by the Nepal National Library was hacked and defaced by a hacker on on May 21. 

Those trying to access the website on May 21 were shown a black page with a message in green from the hacker who calls himself Shamharoosh. It warned that the hack was only “the beginning of the game” yet again exposing the poor security of government websites.

Just this past April, a hacker group by the name of @satan_cyber_god had hacked the websites of the Ministry of Agriculture, National Muslim Commission, Central Library and made their login details public.

In the same month hackers had managed to access the database of Vianet and Foodmandu compromising the details of current and former users of the aforementioned service providers.

Such cases of security breach in Nepal aren’t anything new. In July 2017, 58 government websites were reportedly hacked by a group called Paradox Cyber Ghost — a blatant attack, which was back then dubbed by a national English daily as one of the biggest breaches of government computer systems. On their Facebook page that same group of hackers, had posted their statement: “Hahahahahaa Nepal site’s vulnerability got fixed. Good Job,”dated August 1, 2017.

In their last post dated October 1, 2017, the group supposedly signed off saying, “We will be back soon. Expect Us.”

Today’s hack on NNL’s website also ends on a similar note with the hacker leaving the message, “Expect me” thereby signalling possible security breaches in the future.

It is not immediately known as to who or what group was behind the cyber breach or whether government data had been compromised.


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