Another astronomical event due on June 5, Asteroid 2020 KA6 to safely fly by Earth


KATHMANDU: 2020 KA6, an Apollo asteroid, will fly by the earth within a distance of 0.02987 au (astronomical units), which is about 4468488.398 kilometres, today at an approximation of 5:41 pm Nepali Standard Time.

According to the specification of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the object 2020 KA6 has an estimated diameter ranging 12m-28m.

More objects, as many as 24, including 2020 KA6, will pass by Earth in the month of June 2020, excluding those which have already passed in past.

Among those objects, the largest asteroid named ‘163348 (2002 NN4)’ which is estimated to be between 250m and 570m in diameter would fly by Earth on June 6. This huge asteroid would fly at a distance of 5093807.4973 km from Earth.

As NEO (Near-Earth Object) orbit the Sun, it can occasionally approach Earth closely. NEO is an asteroid or comet with a perihelion distance less than or equal to 1.3 au, of which 99% of NEOs are believed to be asteroids.

There is no danger of the asteroid hitting Earth during its upcoming visit while scientists believe that it will burn out in the atmosphere.

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