ANFA prez says nationality weak in Madhes


KATHMANDU: All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) President Karma Tsering Sherpa during a video interview said that nationality is weak in the Madhesi community.

ANFA President Sherpa, during the interview with Durbin Nepal, made the controversial remark that Madhesi community needed a lesson on nationality while describing the efforts made by ANFA towards revolutionising grassroot football in the country with a focus on four Tarai districts.

According to Sherpa, ANFA has started grassroot football in Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusha, and Mahottari districts in coordination with the Nepali Army (NA) for two reasons — first, to attract Madhesi children towards football, and second, to teach them about nationality.

Sherpa claims that those who visit NA barracks have been made to sing the national anthem, have a discussion about Nepal, and trained to play football.

However, Sherpa’s expression goes against the ANFA statute, according to which, ANFA will remain neutral on all political and religious subjects, and reject any discrimination within the organisation. Anyone supporting such behaviour can be fired, suspended, or face disciplinary action.

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