American singer Charlie Puth asks BTS ARMYs, other fandoms to end ‘toxic screaming match’, implores all to be nicer to each other


KATHMANDU: American musician Charlie Puth has called out the toxic K-pop fandoms, especially BTS ARMY, to put an end to the dangerous stan culture.

Allkpop reports that on July 6, the See You Again singer took to Twitter pleading with ARMYs and other K-pop fandoms to end the “dangerous, toxic, screaming match” happening on the Internet, after the criticism he experienced from BTS fans.

The singer posted a thread on his Twitter account, imploring the mentioned fandom, saying, “I don’t usually pay any attention to things like this, but something has to be said. This dangerous, toxic, internet screaming match between ‘fandoms’ has to stop.”

In his tweet, Puth purports that he has nothing against BTS, as in fact, he loves the group and even praised them for being super talented.

He had even performed his hit song We Don’t Talk Anymore with BTS maknae Jungkook in 2018, during MBC x Genie Music Awarding Ceremony in Korea.

However, it seems like this has caused misunderstanding among the fans, as some Tiktok ARMYs recently came into his account, spamming his TikTok posts with comments saying, “Remember when you used Jungkook for clout?”

In another tweet, he says, “But what I do understand is that ten years ago, language (words) like this directed towards me would have affected me deeply in a very negative manner.”

He ended by imploring everyone to be nicer. “Please be nicer to each other here. No more screaming about made-up nonsense.”

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