American Idol judge Katy Perry finds it amazing to see K-pop fit right in to American music scene


KATHMNADU: Singer-songwriter and American Idol judge Katy Perry expressed her love for almost everything South Korean, from the food to the culture to K-pop, which she finds “catchy”.

In a Zoom interview for Yonhap News Agency’s Korea Now, Perry reveals that she had the best time when she was in South Korea two years ago and called Koreans “cool culture”.

With BTS and other Korean artistes dominating Billboard charts and winning music awards, the ariste shared her thoughts on the recent K-pop trend in American pop market.

She finds it “amazing to see a different culture come in and fit right in. I like that we’re all kind of meshing together and becoming bit of a one world”.

Calling this “cool and interesting”, Perry goes on to state, “I think it’s an interesting time for music and I like that K-pop is a part of it.”

“The (K-pop) music is so catchy,” she says in the video. “… like it’s such an earworm. So I can understand why people want to listen to it over and over again.”

Perry was at the receiving end of ARMY backlash when she insinuated that BTS fans were mostly young children at the Jingle Ball 2019.

She has also revealed her love for Korean food, especially the Korean barbecue as “I went to one of those places where you grill your own (food)”.

And the cool singer calls Korean culture “cool”.

In the video she says, “I just love the culture, it’s so cool.”

And she goes on to say, “The people in Seoul, and the young people love music … It’s just that you’re a cool culture.”

Perry also reveals that she visited the Dimilitarised Zone (DMZ) — border between the North and South Koreas.

“That was wild experience … to be so close and to have a better understanding of what you guys went through and deal with every single day.”

Perry is expecting her first child with Hollywood star Orlando Bloom. Her sixth album will be out on August 14. The lead single Daisies was released on May 15.

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