AI actor Erica to star as lead in sci-fi movie b


KATHMANDU: Artificially Intelligent actor Erica is set to take lead in the upcoming sci-fi movie b, opening new doors in the movie industry that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is said to be the first to rely on an AI actor.

Photo Courtesy: AI Robot Erica/Life Productions

Bondit Capital Media, which financed titles such as To the Bone and the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent, Belgium-based Happy Moon Productions and New York’s Ten Ten Global Media have committed to back b, a $70 million science fiction film.

The movie is based on a story by visual effects supervisor Eric Pham, Tarek Zohdy, and Sam Khoze — it follows a scientist who discovers dangers associated with a programme he created to perfect human DNA and helps the artificially intelligent woman he designed (Erica) escape.

Japanese scientists Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa, who created Erica in real life as part of their study of robotics, also taught her to act, applying the principles of method acting to artificial intelligence, informs The Hollywood Reporter.

“Erica has no life experiences. She was created from scratch to play the role. We had to simulate her motions and emotions through one-on-one sessions, such as controlling the speed of her movements, talking through her feelings and coaching character development and body language,” Khoze is quoted as saying. — HNS

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