2020’s last lunar eclipse to be witnessed on November 30


KATHMANDU: The last lunar eclipse of 2020, a Penumbral one in which the moon passes through Earth’s outer shadow, is on November 30.

A penumbral lunar eclipse is less alike to other eclipses and much like a full moon except the moon will be a shade darker.

This eclipse will be visible from much of Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic.

You can watch the live stream, here.

In Kathmandu, the eclipse will begin at 01:17 pm and end at 5:38 pm, with its maximum eclipse at 03: 27 pm. However, the moon will be below the horizon until it rises at 5:11 pm. Hence, the eclipse would only be visible for 27 minutes between the time periods from 5:11 till 5:38 pm, as per timeanddate.com.

The maximum eclipse in Kathmandu will be at 5:13 when the eclipse reaches its greatest magnitude which is -0.834 magnitude. At this time, the moon is completely above the horizon. One can get a pure view standing at a high point with no obstruction between you and the moon in an east-northeast direction.

Tomorrow’s eclipse falls on Kartik Poornima, also called Sakima Puni in Nepal Bhasa.

There is another eclipse waiting after two weeks on the new moon day. It is a solar eclipse but enthusiasts in our country will unfortunately miss this astronomical event.

The next eclipse, a total lunar eclipse, which would be visible from Nepal is slated for 26 May 2021.

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