13th South Asian Games: Sports Events and Highlights


Finally, the 13th South Asian Games (SAG) has begun amid huge fan base and sports lovers watching minute to minute.

The 13th SAG was inaugurated on December 01 and will continue until December 10, 2019. The event will see around 27 sports events to be played by around 662 athletes from different South Asian nations.

The first day of the 13th SAG is witnessing 12 sports events today, including Taekwondo, Karate, Men’s football, badminton, volleyball, Kho Kho, Women’s cricket, table tennis, tennis, gulf, triathlon and Wushu. While Badminton, women cricket and triathlon are held in Pokhara, the other events are held at Dasharath Stadium in Kathmandu.

Here are some highlights of the 13th SAG sports events:

Day-4: 16 Games to Be Played

Day-4 of the 13th SAG on December 04, 2019 will see around 16 different sports events in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

So far, Nepal has won 23 golds, followed by India (19).

Now, all participating teams are all set to test their luck in different games today, including athletics, badminton, cricket, cycling, football, gulf, karate, kho kho, table tennis, Taekwondo, tennis, kabaddi, handball, Wushu, triathlon and shooting.

While badminton, women cricket, triathlon and handball are scheduled to be held in Pokhara, the rest are expected to take place in Kathmandu.

Day3: 15 Games Today

The Day-3 of SAG on December 03, 2019 will see a total of 15 games to be played in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The list includes Athletics, badminton, cricket, cycling, football, golf, karate, khoko, shooting, table tennis, tennis, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball and wushu.

While badminton, women’s cricket, women’s football and triathlon are scheduled to be held in Pokhara, the remaining will be held in Kathmandu.

Two games each under Men’s and Women’s football will see Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives facing each other, at Pokhara Stadium.

Volleyball finals in both men’s and women’s categories are also scheduled for the day at the Tripureshwor-based covered hall. Nepal will take on Sri Lanka U-23 in cricket match today at the TU Ground in Kirtipur.

1) Two Medals in Wushu

Bijay Sinjali got the 16th gold for Nepal in Wushu sport. Sinjali won the medal at the Wushu Taolu men’s match held part of the 13th SAG at the Lanagakhel-based Nepal Army hall in in Kathmandu on December 03, 2019. Susmita Tamang bagged the gold in Wushu Taolu women’s match.


2) One More Gold in Karate

After a resounding victory in yesterday’s Karate matches, Nepal bagged another gold in a new karate match today. The match played at the Saatdobato-based karate hall saw Nepal’s Nabin Rasaili winning the country’s 18th gold medal. Nabin defeated Bangladeshi player for 8-6 in the 67 kg category.

Nepal’s Nabin Rasaili Gold Medal in Karate

3) Football – Nepal Beats Sri Lanka

Nepal had a winning start in the women’s football part of the ongoing 13th SAG. In a match held in Pokhara Stadium on December 03, 2019, Nepal defeated Sri Lanka by 1-0 after Saru Limbu scoring a single goal at the 86th minute.

4) Gold in ‘Running’

Continuing the winning streak, Nepal bagged a gold in the Women’s 10000 m running race. Santoshi Shrestha did this rare feat by successfully completing the distance in 35.07.94 minutes. With Shrestha winning gold, India’s Kavita Yadav, who took 35.7.94 minutes, had to settle down at ‘Silver’.

Santoshi Shrestha - Gold Medal 10000 M Race

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s Nilanthi Lanka got Bronze medal for 35.59.02 minutes.

This is Nepal’s first gold medal in middle distance running in 13th SAG.

5) Men’s Football

Nepal fought out Bhutan by 4-0 in the 13th SAG Men’s football match at the Dashrath Stadium in Kathmandu on December 03, 2019. While Sujal Shrestha made the first two goals at the 5th and 50th minutes, Abhishek Rijal made one at the 65th minute and Mikchen Tamang scored the 4th one at the 76th minute.

With this, Nepal has won 3 points in the table.

6) Athletics

Athletics once again turned out to be positive for Nepal, as the country bagged a ‘bronze’ medal in the ongoing 13th South Asian Games. Tanka Karki brought the medal for the country in the men’s 1,500 meters race, finishing that in 3 minutes 59.20 seconds. However, Karki remained only next to India’s Ajaya Kumar Saro and Ajit Kumar, who claimed gold and silver medals.

Tanka Karki, Ajay Kumar and Ajeet Kumar

Whereas in women’s category, Sri Lanka bagged a gold, while India got silver and bronze.

6) Volleyball

Nepal bagged ‘silver’ medal in the volleyball match held part of the 13th SAG on December 03, 2019. Beginning with a disappointing start (25-18) in the first set against India, Nepali women team bounced back in the second (25-23) and third sets (25-21). However, they couldn’t perform well in fourth (25-20) and fifth sets (15-6). Finally, the Himalayan nation lost to India in the tournament and ended up with silver.

13th South Asian Games - Nepal Won Silver Medal

Overall, the day ended with Nepal’s medal count reaching 46, including 23 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze medals. While, India is second in the medal tally with 42 medals, followed by Sri Lanka in third position with 48 medals, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan.

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Day-2: Nepal Tops Medals Table

The Day-2 of the 13th SAG saw Nepal on December 02, 2019 ended with Nepal at the top of the medals table with 24 medals, of which 15 were Gold.

1) Karate-Men’s Brings First ‘Gold’ to Nepal

Nepal’s Manday Kaji Shrestha offered to the nation its first ‘gold’ in 13th SAG in the Senior Karate Senior Men’s Individual Kata event at the Karate Hall, Satdobato in Lalitpur, on December 02, 2019.

Nepal's Manday Kaji Shrestha offered to the nation its first ‘gold’

Shrestha won over Pakistan’s Niama Tullah by 25.72 points, while the latter bagged silver with 24.92 points. Similarly, Sri Lanka’s Santhara Rasa Balmaj claimed a bronze medal. He also bagged two gold medals in Karate Single Kata and Karate Group-wise Kata events. Karate (55 kg category) – Laxman Tamang also bagged a gold in the Karate Men’s (55 kg category).

With this win, Nepal got its gold in Karate Kate after two decades.

Gold Medal Winners in Karate

  • Mandekaji Shrestha
  • Mandekaji Shrestha, Mahasus Shrestha and Pravin Manandhar
  • Laxman Tamang
  • Biplavlal Shrestha
  • Kusum Khadka
  • Anu Adhikari

Silver Medal Winners in Karate

  • Chanchala Danuwar
  • Diwash Shrestha

2) Karate-Women’s Brings ‘Silver’

Meanwhile, the Himalayan nation had to satisfy only with ‘silver’ in the Karate Senior Women’s Kata at the Karate Hall, Lalitpur. Nepal’s Chanchala Danuwar grabbed silver after fighting out Pakistan’s Shahida in the finals.

Nepal's Chanchala Danuwar

However, Shahida was a point ahead of Shahida to clinch the gold medal at the end of the event. Sri Lanka again received only a ‘bronze’ medal.

13th South Asian Games: Shahida of #Quetta won first gold medal for #Pakistan

Shahida of #Quetta won the first gold medal for Pakistan

3) Taekwondo

Nepal has good news here too. The team’s Taekwondo player Sina Maden Limbu bagged a gold medal in Taekwondo event in the 17-23 years Women’s Individual category. Sina, with 8.150 points, outpaced India’s Rupa Bayor letting her for a ‘silver’ medal.

Taekwondo player Sina Maden Limbu - Asian Games 2019

Sri Lanka received only at ‘bronze’ medal again. Similarly, Nirmala Tamang, Saru Karki and Ranjita Malla bagged a gold medal in the group category. Kamal Shrestha won the gold in the Men’s category, defeating India’s Rahul Jain.

Meanwhile, Krishna Bahadur Tamang bagged a gold in the Taekwondo Pumse (17-23 years), followed by Parwati Gurung in the 23-29 years and Ayesha Shakya in the ‘over 29 years’ category.

The first day of the tournament saw Nepali taekwondoins winning 7 gold medals out of 13. With a ‘double gold’, Ayasha Shakya emerged as the second Nepali and the first Nepali woman athlete to have won two golds in SAG. She won two golds in women’s individual Poomsae (29 years above) and pair Poomsae (29 years above) along with Sanjib Kumar Ojha.

Maden and Gurung also claimed a gold medal each in women’s individual Poomsae under different weight categories. Nepal’s women team (17-23 years) comprising of Nisha Darnal, Swastika Tamang and Sanjila Timalsina also bagged a gold in the women’s team poomsae.

Nita Gurung, Prashansa Chhetri and Shushila Rai (23 years above) is another team who claimed a gold in the women’s team poomsae.

Gold Medal Winners in Taekwondo

  • Poomsae (23-29 years) – Kamal Shrestha
  • Poomsae (17-23 years) – Mina Saden Limbu
  • Poomsae (23-29 years) – Parwati Gurung
  • Poomsae (over 29 years) – Ayesha Shakya
  • Poomsae (over 29 years) – Ayesha Shakya and Sanjeev Kumar Pandey
  • Poomsae Women Team (17-23 years) – Nisha Darnal, Swatima Tamang and Sajila Timalsina
  • Poomsae Women Team (23-29 years) – Nita Gurung, Prashamsa Chhetri and Sushila Rai

Silver Medals in Taekwondo

Bronze Medal Winners in Taekwondo

  • Ashmin Raut and Sina Maden Limu
  • Jeet Bahadur Bot and Parwati Gurung
  • Kamal Shrestha, Jit Bahadur Bot, Prem Bahadur Limbu
  • Shishir Shrestha, Ashmin Raut and Deependra Gurung
  • Rojin Rimal

4) Triathlon

Sony Gurung got Nepal a gold in the Triathlon event in a match under Women’s category held at Lakeside in Pokhara. Whereas, Basanta Tharu in Men’s category bagged a ‘bronze’.

Sony Gurung got Nepal a gold in the Triathlon

Sony Gurung - Triathlon

Bronze Medal Winner in Triathlon

  • Triathlon (Men) – Basanta Tharu

5) Cricket

In the first cricket match held part of the 13th SAG, Nepal has defeated Maldives in the Women T20 cricket tournament by 10 wickets. Nepali team chased the 17-run target in just 1 over without losing even a single wicket.

Nepal’s fast bowlers Anjali Chand

Nepal’s fast bowlers Anjali Chand exhibited a tremendous performance by claiming six wickets of Maldives’ players.

Nepal Women's Cricket Team - Asian Games 2019

Match Summary

  • Maldives – 16/10 (10.1 Overs)
  • Nepal – 17/0 (0.5 Overs)
  • Nepal won by 10 Wickets (With 115 Balls Remaining)
  • Man of the Match – Anjali Chand (Nepal)

Next, the Himalaya nation will take on Bangladesh on December 4 and Sri Lanka on December 6.

The top two teams from there will fight for the ‘gold’ medal.

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13th South Asian Games – Medal Tally

13th South Asian Games Results
Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total
Nepal 23 10 13 46
India 17 16 9 42
Sri Lanka 5 15 28 48
Bangladesh 4 3 21 28
Pakistan 4 11 12 27
Maldives 1 0 1 2
Bhutan 0 0 3 3

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